Many years ago,
on a nearly desert beach,
a discovery was made.

“This is where I want to be”, one said.

It all started as a story of love,
partnership, and compassion
in a charming village
located by the sea and a river.
Now this same village
brings people together.

The experience you will have in the village,
I am sure Will be worth the mileage.
Enjoy a very relaxing time,
With amazing food,
A lot of coconut water,
The best salt-water bath of our life,
And belly laughs for days.

Located in the gorgeous region of Costa dos Corais, Alagoas, Brazil Vila Entre Chaves a gated property with six houses and a private secret beach called Praia dos Morros – which is absolutely beautiful. The private property is hidden in the midst of a large cane field surrounded by a grove of coconut palm trees and colorful sand cliffs about 9 miles from the town of Sao Miguel dos Milagres and 76 miles from the state capital, Maceio.

It’s the perfect place to have a unique experience with family and friends. Warm waters and little-explored but yet well- preserved nature surrounded by a peaceful and secluded environment.

Vila Entre Chaves wants to have you as our guest. Come discover this hidden paradise!

Private stay –  this type of accommodation includes full service – three meals on us and our staff is always ready to help you. The same comfort and privacy you would have at your own home. It combines luxury and natural beauty, the rustic scenery, and the delicious local cuisine.

Private beach and breathtaking nature.

There is nothing better than a private 3.7-miles long beach in a stunning location, warm-water ocean and a river nearby.

Tours to natural pools among other activities.

Swimming in natural pools, walking along the beach, riding bikes, standup paddle boarding, kayaking, visiting overlooks, and seeing the famous colorful sand cliffs. You can do all that while staying at Vila Entre Chaves.

Memorable flavors.

Try and experience the flavors of our local cuisine with the special touch of an awarded chef (the best in the world) during your three free meals – and more.

Everything you need for a full experience.

Special service at all times during your time with us to make you feel at home. Hot-water shower, Wi-Fi, cable TV, A/C, and an alternator guarantee a pleasant stay.

Costa dos Corais – If you ever heard of Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Porto de Pedras, Maragogi, Japaratinga ou Barra de Santo Antonio, you probably heard of Costa dos Corais but did not realize it.

Located on the North Shore of the state of Alagoas, this region has over 80 miles worth of natural beauty, mainly by the warm-water beaches, close by the grove of coconut palm trees and colorful sand cliffs.

The area was named after the large coral reef and perfect natural pools located in the region.


Vila Entre Chaves is located in Praia de Morros do Camaragibe. It is surrounded by the Camaragibe River and the colorful sand cliffs between the towns of Barra de Santo Antonio and Barra do Camaragibe.


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Chef Thiago Gomes

Chef Thiago Gomes

The renowned chef Thiago Gomes runs our kitchen and brings local flavors to our menu and will keep you wanting more. He puts his own spin on traditional dishes, making the culinary experience even more interesting and unique.

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